Example of a Personal
Mission Statement

Perhaps an example of a personal mission statement will help you to write your own. Better yet, how about several examples?

Of course, you'll want to go through the exercise properly, and come up with your own statement, but maybe seeing the work of others will inspire you.

A good example of a personal mission statement is probably a little harder to find than a corporate one.

Corporate mission statements are taken on as a project, and completed as such.

You should take on this project to write your own mission statement and resolve to complete it with the same level of determination and intensity.

A personal mission statement is similar to a corporate one in concept, but different enough in actual practice that it may be hard to follow, say, the example of the department store, Target.

And so, since sometimes we need to see what others have done so that we may give ourselves permission to do the same, I bring to you the following examples.

I've put together some examples for students here.

The main rule here for your personal mission statement is that if you are inspired by it, and if it captures the essence of how you want to live your life and project yourself, then it is good.

Another way of phrasing it: a good example of a personal mission statement for one person, may not be all that great for another.

After all, it is your statement, and your unique position in the world that you want to express. Can it be better? Well, maybe, and that is one reason why you will review it often.

"If you don't have your own plan, someone else is going to make you fit into their plan."

-Anthony Robbins

An example of a Personal Mission Statement...

Here is our first example of a personal mission statement. Keep in mind that your mission statement can be as long or short as you need it to be, within reason.

I believe in living each day to the fullest.
I believe in treating others with the same respect that I myself deserve.
I want to build healthy relationships with others in which we can become each other's biggest advocates.
I will grow stronger with each accomplishment, and even stronger with each setback.
I believe everything happens for a reason, and there is no better place to be than right here, right now.
I will not blame others.
I believe in a higher power, and I will let that higher power guide me whenever possible.

Here's another example...

To forgive but not forget, so as to learn from each experience.
To find my inner strength and overcome obstacles that hide my goals.
To be guided by my values and beliefs.
To give thanks in some measurable way each day.
To laugh every day.
To act as if I have nothing to lose, because in reality, there truly is nothing to lose.
To show compassion for others in need.

Here is a good example of how to reconcile the one sentence vision statement with a detailed mission statement.

Here are several others, each of which can act as a good example of a personal mission statement.

I want to continuously promote and foster a cooperative environment wherever I go.
I want to make everyone feel welcome in my presence, and yet retain my strength and individuality.
I will use my talents as a communicator to teach others.
I will use my social skills to bring people closer together.
I will be inspired by the smallest of challenges.
I will live in awe of my good fortune in life.

I will contribute to my family by offering support.
I want to contribute to society through a charity organization.
I will raise my children to embrace other cultures and not fear differences in people.
I believe in treating others with kindness.
I do not make excuses for myself.
I will be humble and serve others.

I will look for strengths in others, and the good in every situation.
I will ensure that I do what I can to create a learning environment everywhere I go.
I will live with an attitude of gratitude.
I will repay every kindness shown to me.
I will live, work, and play with renewed spirit.

Some people will start every sentence the same way, with I will, or I do, or I believe. Others will vary the wording.

Some will mention specific aspects of their lives, such work, or family, or friends, and others will use statements that apply to almost all situations.

You can choose to use only positive wording and phrasing, such as...

"always take responsibility," or "express my emotions constructively."


You can use negatives and mention things you want to avoid or suppress, such as...

"make no excuses," or "control my hostility."

It's up to you.

Do not get locked in.

The excerpts above are to be treated as exactly that... excerpts and examples, and nothing more. You can mold yours to fit you, and change it over time.

Here's an example of a personal mission statement that I like.

You must decide the length, wording and tone of your own mission statement. I have provided each of the above as an example of a personal mission statement in order for you to get a feel for what you might want to create for yourself.

Now, start the process! Set a time limit to complete your first draft... Go!

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